American vs. European Roulette

As fans of gambling know, roulette is one of the most exciting casino games both on and offline. Depending on where you are in the world and what casino you step into, there will most likely be one of two types of roulette table.

If you’re taking a tour of casinos in Northern America, then you’ll find the majority of roulette tables will have two zeros printed on the cloth: 0 and 00.

This convention is something specific to the American games; however, you can now find these kinds of tables in casinos across the world.

In contrast to this version of the game is European roulette. The main difference in this game is that there is only one zero printed on the table: 0. Because there are less numbers on a standard European roulette table, the odds are slightly better than on its American counterpart.

As a consequence of the better odds offered, European tables are much more common across the world as savvy punters are much more inclined to wager their money in slightly more profitable spots.

The reason why the odds are better on a European roulette table is because there are 36 numbers, which means the chances of getting the right one are 36-1. On an American table, there are 37 numbers, which increases your chances of winning on a single number to 37-1. In both instances, however, a player is paid out a ratio of 35-1 when the wheel stops on their bet.

In percentage terms, the casino’s edge on an American roulette table is 5.26%, which means for every $100 you wager, you’ll lose on average $5.26. In contrast, European casino’s only hold a 2.70% edge which equates to a $2.70 loss for every $100 bet.

Which game you choose to play is merely a matter of circumstances and preference. However, if you ever find yourself faced with the option of a single or double zero roulette table, you should always choose the former.